Our Celebrities

Quite often all of us, the people in advertising, television, production studios, event, BTL and PR agencies… or show business, have to look for the same thing.
New, interesting faces (and bodies), who are likable for the audience, don’t blink in front of the camera, don’t stutter behind a microphone and don’t freeze when the director yells: „Action!“

Or maybe… older “good fellas”, who are not yet overexposed and could surprise us with their potential of preserved popularity and positive look.
Or motivational speakers with charm and rich professional and personal experience. As well as show hosts for big or small award ceremonies, shows and promotions.

Based on years of experience and good knowledge of the advertising market, Fresh Cut will try to offer you such unique findings of talented, responsive and most of all – nice people.
Call us with your needs today or check this sample of our current star roster.