Music Jam: A club like no other

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February 1, 2021
In Vino Veritas
February 1, 2021
  • TaskTo create and develop entire brand identity for the premiere music club in Bulgaria

Logo, visual standards, key graphic elements, tone of voice, everything...

When you lay the foundation of a new brand with the ambition to be "the Best in the country" you have to think over every single detail, to the very last.

The sheer volume of materials was a challenge in its own right... Endless banners, posters, flyers, outdoor, badges and passes, ticket booth displays, menus, branded merchandise... And everything had to look kinda consistent and adhere to the overall guidelines of the young brand. Only then came... the hordes of various bands and their managers – everybody with a different logo, colour, standards, photos, requirements and whims.

Considering the complicated circumstances, we did pretty well and managed to establish Music Jam as a premiere venue and hotspot on the Bulgarian live music scene. And this story if far form being over...